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‘Attivor’s resignation is a good sign for democracy’- Batidam


The President’s Special Advisor on Governance and Corruption, Daniel Batidam has indicated that the Transport Minister Dzifa Attivor’s resignation involving the rebranded Metro mass transit buses is a good sign for the country’s democracy and the fight against corruption.

‘For me, it’s a good sign for our governance, for our democracy and our fight against corruption. Now this Minister’s action I believe is an example that it does not always has to be the ultimate authority of the president to sack people who are involved in corruption,’ he remarked.

He indicated that this is the first bold decision taken by a state official directly or indirectly involved in corruption.

‘This is another test in terms of governance in our country Ghana, as you do know hardly does a public official or Minister of state step down or aside from his/her office or position as a matter of principles, or taking responsibility,’ he observed.

Mr. Batidam admitted that this rarely happens in Africa, urging Ghanaians to look at the progress made so far than looking at it from political angle.

‘Let us not look at it as though as if this is a feel of guilt, all over in the world, especially in the most advanced countries it is almost a natural thing for people with whom the back normally stops to take responsibility for any actions, commissions or omissions that happens under their supervision, and normally in those highly democratic environment people don’t even have to call on you before you step down, but you and I know that in Africa this a rarely case,’ he maintained.

Speaking on Ultimate breakfast hosted by Prince Minkah, he encouraged state officials to own up to their responsibilities.

‘In terms of governance and principles it does not always have to be that one is guilty or has done something wrong, there are certain standards or principles that must be upheld by duty- bearers at a certain level, whenever failure happens under their watch. In real democratic world, they should take responsibility even if they were not necessarily involved,’ he entreated.

The President’s Special Advisor on Governance and Corruption advised Ghanaians especially politicians to examine accountability in its broader framework.

‘Mind you corruption is a very complex thing, sometimes because of our emphasis on corruption itself. We make people look at it more as to who is corrupt and who is not corrupt. We have to look at it in the broader framework of accountability, and in accountability, we have answerability, who is answerable, who takes the ultimate responsibility. When we move from just the talk about corruption which then makes us reduce it to finger pointing and look at the broader issue of accountability, corruption is the absence of accountability, who is to be held accountable,’ he stated.

He further entreated people to own up to their responsibilities wherever they find themselves.

‘When we develop up to a point when our ethical standards are high enough, we should be having people in positions taking responsibilities of anything that go on. It does not only has to be about resignation but by accepting the consequences of what has gone wrong, this boost democracy, Ghanaians should be proud about it,’ he said.

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