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One Actress Selassie Ibrahim under attack

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Celebrated filmmaker and entrepreneur Selassie Ibrahim has come under severe verbal attacks from a section of Ghanaians after news broke that her company, Smarttys Management and Productions, was given a GH¢3.6 million government contract to rebrand 116 buses.

Though the popular actress and her company won the contract through legitimate means, public comments have been very harsh on her while some have blatantly used abusive words on her person.

Many have argued that the actress’ company could not have won the contract if her husband, Ibrahim Adam, was not a highly placed figure in the ruling party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Indeed Selassie herself has been spotted several times wearing NDC-branded T-shirts at the party’s rallies and events.

NEWS-ONE reproduces excerpts of a 2010 exclusive interview the paper had with Selassie on her career, matrimonial home, sex secrets, religious beliefs, the movie industry and more.

Selassie said she is a Spirit-filled, born-again, tongue-speaking, heaven-bound Christian who worships at the Christ Foundation Family Church in Accra but married to a wealthy Alhaji Ibrahim and they have two children aged seven and eleven. They got married some twelve years ago.

“Oh he does not have a problem with my religion. What has issues of religious differences got to do with love and marriage? He understands me and when he is not busy drops me off at church with the children. We do not follow him to the mosque though…,” she explained.

On whether she was aware her husband’s religion allowed him to marry as many as four wives and if she was ready for it, Selassie had this to say: “I have no problem at all if my husband marries three more women; he can marry more wives… Look, I believe in competition because I believe in myself and what I have. It is when you are not sure of yourself that you fear to have rivals.”

Sexy Looks

Selassie would not mention her age but gave hints that even her much younger sibling is 37 years, meaning she should be around age 40. “I am in showbiz and God knows I need to have good looks…I pray to Him about it and He keeps me the way I am…yes you can say my faith keeps my sexy….I hardly exercise because I do not just get the time for it. I would also not starve myself because I want to keep a flat tummy or round boobs. I am free and I do what I want to do but God keeps me sexy,” Selassie explained.


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