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Akufo-Addo lied over $10m Presidential diary cost – Stan Dogbe

Controversial Presidential staffer Stan Dogbe has described as lies claims by the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party that the presidency has doled out $10 million for the printing of presidential diaries.

Nana Akufo-Addo, who is embarking on European tour, told NPP supporters in Amsterdam that the presidency has issued out the whopping amount of money for the printing of diaries to be distributed to members of the ruling party.

“I listened to the journalist who is saddened by the revelation that a government can spend $10 million to print presidential diaries. Yes, you heard me right; $10 million. And yet we are barely able to scrape together $10 million as a down payment on our debt to Nigeria for the supply of a truly essential product – gas,” he said.

But in response, Dogbe wrote on his Facebook wall that the claim is a desperate attempt by a man who wants to be president.

Below are unedited details of what Stan Dogbe wrote on the issue:

“Ridiculous claims and OUTRIGHT LIES all in the name politics and undying quest to be President. I can’t say for when he was a Minister in a government, but sir, you lied.

“No government under the NDC has spent a pesewa of the public purse to produce diaries. Such diaries have always been paid for from corporate advertising proceeds, and the canvassing for such adverts is the responsibility of the company selected to produce the diaries.

“$10 million for diaries? You could have looked for a more convincing lie, not this one. And you want to lead the people of Ghana?”


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