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Dumsor will end in 2019 not December 2015 – Nduom

Founder and leader of the Progressive People’s Party Papa Kwesi Nduom has dismissed promises by the government that the energy crisis would be solved by December this year.

The Power Minister Dr. Kwabena Donkor has assured that the protracted energy crisis will end in December 2015. Dr. Donkor added he will resign his post if he fails to solve the problem.

But speaking on Citi FM Tuesday morning, the former CPP flagbearer said the short term measures being put in place by the government will only deepen the woes of Ghanaians.

“We’ve had the power crisis not because we don’t know what should be done. We’ve had good plans from Ato Ahwoi days, to Kan Dapaah days and so on and so forth…but you see when government knows that there’s a problem but then they try to camouflage it because of politics and to say that I will solve it today and then problem then keeps perpetuating itself,” he said.

Dr Nduom added that government must be forthright with Ghanaians about the intensity of the problem which will take another four years to be solved.

“We have a problem and it will not be solved before the end of four years. We have another four years to go. If we start doing the right things today, it will take us four years to solve this problem. So, if somebody tells me that this power problem will be solved by the end of this year, I know they are not serious,” he said.

“I have been hoping that President Mahama will come and be straight with us and tell us that we have a really bad problem in this country and it will take some time to resolve it, so, all of us let’s work together to resolve it and while we resolve it we find a way to alleviate it,” he added.

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