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Ewe Association initiates the Tayui’s into their fold!

Chicago , August 23 2015:The leadership of the Ewe Association of Metropolitan Chicago were at the Tayui’s house today to introduce the organization to the Tayui family.Mrs. Tayui’s father comes from Dzelukope , near Keta, in the Volta Region of Ghana. The leadership used the occasion to initiate Mrs. Tayui and her daughter, Chelsea Tayui, into the Ewe community of Chicago by adorning their wrists with beads. The leadership also confered honorary memberships on Mrs. Beatrice Tayui and Chelsea Tayui.After that there were prayers and libation to invite blessings, prosperity and protection to members of the Tayui family. After the ceremonies, the leadership were treated to a sumptuous meal specially prepared by Mrs. Tayui and her family for the delegation. Mrs. Tayui is an astute business woman cum philanthropist whose philanthropist activities in the USA, Ghana and other parts of Africa is well known.The lenses of were there to bring to you these images.

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