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Fiifi Kwetey

Voters’ register: Hypocritical NPP did “shallow analysis” – Fifi Kwetey

The Member of Parliament for the Ketu South constituency in the Volta region, Fifi Kwetey, has said he finds it utterly strange that the NPP singled out his constituency in making an argument for the replacement of the 2012 voters’ register.

Kwetey said in an interview on Asempa FM Thursday that, the “utter fabrications that the NPP put forward in their press conference” is typical of their “hypocritical” ways.

The New Patriotic Party on Tuesday called for the replacement of the 2012 voters’ register, alleging that over 76, 286 people with same names and pictures are in the voters’ registers of both Ghana and Togo.

Presenting what he termed “a damning revelation” which should trigger the need for a new voters’ register in Ghana before the 2016 elections, the vice presidential candidate of the main opposition party Dr Mahamudu Bawumia said the uncovering of these foreign nationals in the register is just “10% of the search.”

“Our investigative team obtained the Togo voters’ register which was publicly displayed prior to the 2015 Togolese elections. Using facial biometric recognition technology, the system has found 76,286 potential matches of the same people, with the same names and faces on the Ghanaian as well as Togolese voters registers; some 2000 of which we present in the power point presentation,” Dr. Bawumia stressed at that news conference.

But responding to these claims, the Ketu South MP said he is surprised the NPP even “dared point a finger” at his constituency, basing their entire argument for a new voters’ register with “such shallow analysis”.

“My General Secretary has already done justice to this but if I must add my voice, I would say what NPP did not reveal, which is the classic case of the NPP’s deliberate attempt to cover the full story is that, many constituencies which the NPP won, the change in the voter population in some cases, was as high as 50%.

“I can give you one example for instance, in the Kwabre South constituency, and I think in the past used to be known as Kwabre West, the voter population in 2008 was 46, 263 and as at 2012, it moved from 46,000 to 66,096. Yendi 51 percent. Now somehow, the NPP and Dr Bawumia conveniently decided not to mention this,” the Agriculture Minister said.

Kwetey revealed: “In Upper Denkyira West where the NPP won, voter population jumped like 44%, NPP did not see that? And they make the case about 28% jump in Ketu South and uses that to be able to make a case and show that people were coming across borders and that is how come our constituency had a larger number and a few other constituencies so that is why they lost, and therefore the need for them to change the register”.

He said the fact that the opposition party “conveniently” failed to mention these facts is an “indication we are dealing with a real difficult case relating to the NPP’s hypocrisy”.

“These shocking levels of hypocrisy, and double standard are some of the reasons why the NPP will continue for a long time to remain in opposition,” he emphasised.

He also warned the NPP to stay away from his constituency in their attacks.

“I want NPP to listen and listen very good, that the people of Ketu South, whom I lead and have been privileged to represent in parliament are not just Ghanaians but have also shown themselves as Ghanaians indeed! Not just phenomenal Ghanaians but real Ghanaians whose acts of devotion are responsible for Ghana. The same goes for the rest of the Volta region.

“They should not be pointing fingers towards Ketu South, we should be the last people to be pointed at.”

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