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‘Doctors expected Mahama to sack Stan Dogbe’

The striking medical doctors would have softened their stance and probably returned to work if President John Mahama had sacked Stan Dogbe after he leaked their conditions of service proposal on social media, a member of the Ghana Medical Association has said.

According to Dr Hardi Abdullah, the president by his inaction on the matter missed an opportunity to get the doctors rethink their decision.

The Presidential staffer in the thick of the service condition wrangling between the government and the medical doctors released on his Facebook wall the proposal of the doctors. The move has resulted in dividing public opinion on the matter, even though it has been condemned by many.

Ghanaian doctors are on an indefinite strike pending a mass resignation over government’s refusal to agree on their service conditions.

Speaking to Kafui Dey on the Morning Starr Thursday, Dr Abdullah said he and his colleagues were expecting the president to sack Mr. Dogbe.

“If I were the President, I would have sacked Stan Dogbe and I am sure many doctors would have hailed him but I think he lost that opportunity. If he had done that, we might have returned to the negotiation table,” he noted.


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