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Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante: Chairman National Peace Council

Victims will not forgive you – Peace Council to striking doctors

Above file photo: Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante

The National Peace Council is beseeching Ghana’s doctors to reconsider their stance in the ongoing strike declared by the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), and return to work lest they suffer the wrath of victims when it all ends.

The chairman of the council, Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante told Starr News the repercussions of the strike, should the tables turn may be grave.

“I’m sure that already quite a few people have died of that. I don’t think it is very good thing. At the end of the day, people who have suffered such situation will not forgive the doctors and will not also forgive the government.”

The doctors on Friday entered the phase two of their strike action hence shutting down all emergency services and have deserted the hospitals over government’s refusal to agree on their service conditions.

They are threatening to enter phase three – resign en masse – in the coming days, if their concerns are not immediately addressed.

But Prof. Asante said there should be a better solution.

“We want to plead with them, that in a situation, especially when the negotiations are the kinds of things that they are looking for, they expect it to come into being, in the year 2016, we will plead with them to try as much as possible to consider the citizenry, consider people who are sick and are taken to the hospital and they have no doctors taking care of them.

“So we are appealing to the doctors not to say that they would withdraw their services or resign but also offer some services,” Prof. Asante pleaded.

He also appealed to the public to stop making comments that seek to incite either government or the doctors against each other.

“But whilst talking to the doctors and the government, we also would want to plead for citizens in support of either the government or the doctors to be very careful about the kinds of things they churn out to the public.

“Hard talks will not help us. It will not solve our problems. As I’m standing here and talking to you, my sister is seriously sick and I wish some doctor would attend to her but it is not possible so we have to apply a whole lot of things,” Asante remarked.

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