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Ghanaian musician denies owning Wee

Musician Denies ownership of “Wee” – Somebody gave it to ME for safekeeping.

Published: 07 August 2015

Arrested reggae musician and president of the Music Council of Ghana, Ekow Micah, has been charged with conspiracy to extort money from Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan.
He stands another charge of unlawful possession of narcotics, after a substance believed to be marijuana was found in his custody.

He is likely to be arraigned before court today. Interestingly, Ekow Micah explained that the suspected substance was not his and that he was only keeping it for someone who wanted a safe place to keep it. In the unfolding drama surrounding what has become known as the ‘Asamoah Gyan Sex Tape Saga’, Ekow Micah has revealed he was the lover of Sarah Kwablah, the lady purported to have recorded her sexual intercourse with the Black Stars captain and threatened to make it public. Ekow disclosed this to the police while on detention and helping with investigations into what is suspected to be a grand scheme to blackmail and extort money from Asamoah Gyan. Information gathered by NEWS-ONE indicates that Sarah Kwablah dated the dreadlocks-wearing Ekow of ‘Me Si Wu Hemaa’ fame for almost a year before the relationship was marred.

After the break up, the two were constantly meeting even after the said sex tape issue emerged. Superintendent Yao Tetegah, the Airport District Police Commander, confirmed to NEWS-ONE that Ekow Micah was arrested after police discovered that he was involved in the Asamoah Gyan sex tape saga, adding, “When he was taken to his apartment for a search as part of our investigations, a parcel of compressed dried leaves suspected to be Indian hemp was also discovered in the room.” Upon interrogation, Superintendent Tetegah said, Ekow Micah denied ownership and claimed somebody gave it to him for safekeeping. The police have provisionally charged him with possessing of dried leaves suspected to be Indian hemp. Superintendent Tetegah confirmed that the dried leaves have been forwarded for a forensic test to be conducted. Meanwhile, information gathered by NEWS-ONE indicates that the whole extortion and video recording saga was allegedly masterminded by the musician.

Several tape recordings chanced upon and listened to by NEWS-ONE revealed that it was Ekow Micah who called a broadcast journalist, Osarfo Anthony, who doubles as the Deputy Editor of Razz newspaper, to give him firsthand information about the whole sex tape saga. The two, on the said recordings, agreed to meet at a popular spot called “Gold House” at Dansoman to discuss further, how they were going to compel Asamoah Gyan to agree and pay money in exchange for the said tape. Later in the tape, the three—Ekow Micah, Sarah Kwablah and Osarfo Anthony—were heard discussing how they would release stories on the sexual intercourse she had with Gyan to compel the Black Stars captain to succumb to their individual demands. Ekow Micah was arrested after his accomplice, Osarfo Anthony, was caught red-handed and arrested while extorting an amount of GH¢25,000 from Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan in what appeared to be a daylight blackmail. Osarfo was, however, granted police inquiry bail while investigations continued. Ekow, according to the Airport police, would help the police in ongoing investigations into a blackmail and extortion complaint filed by Asamoah Gyan’s manager Samuel Anim Addo.

NEWS-ONE has seen a copy of an undertaking signed by Osarfo Anthony pledging to stop all negative publications on Asamoah Gyan, particularly his sexual encounter with Sarah Kwablah, if the GH¢25,000 was paid him. “In pursuance of our earlier verbal discussion with your client to stop publications on his alleged sodomy and or rape scandal with a lady by name Sarah Kwablah, the editorial board of, upon the signing of this agreement with you, officially consents never to publish any reportage on the said case. “The client [Asamoah Gyan] therefore pays the publisher [Osarfo Anthony] an amount of GH¢25,000 with the obligation that should the site ever do any publication on the said allegation or give out any facts or evidence on the said case to any third party for publication, reproduction or duplication, your client has the unequivocal right to sue the site and its publisher for criminal or civil tort—whichever case may be.”

The extortion process was also secretly recorded on video the night Osarfo Anthony received the cash from Asamoah Gyan’s Manager, Samuel Anim Addo.
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