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St. Ailbe’s Catholic Church closes its doors to social events…

Lawsuit allegedly lead to permanent closing of St. Ailbe’s Catholic Church to The Community!

A file photo of an event hosted at St. Ailbe's Catholic Church.

A file photo of an event hosted at St. Ailbe’s Catholic Church.

June 16 2015; Chicago Illinois: Almost a year after temporarily closing its doors to the Ghanaian community’s social events, sankofaonline .com was reliably informed this week that the management of St. Ailbe’s Catholic Church at 9037 S. Harper Avenue,Chicago Illinois,will not open its doors to the community’s social events anymore. This setback comes at a time when the Ghanaian community’s needs for places to host social events such as outdooring’s, funerals, birthday celebrations and others have increased in recent years.

The decision to stop the renting of it’s hall, was allegedly due to lawsuit slapped on the church and organizers of an event sometime last year. The decision by the management of St. Ailbe’s Catholic Church to finally close its doors dashes the hopes of many Ghanaians who were of the assumption that the management of St. Ailbe’s Church would rescind its earlier decision to temporarily close its doors to public.

The management of appeal to the current leadership of the Ghana National Council, GNC, to take strong steps that could lead to the acquisition of a Community Center for the Ghanaian community.

Our sources at the GNC reveal that the current regime led by Ebenezer Antwi-Nsiah is still not in possession of the Ghana House and other accounts of the GNC. We hope the immediate past executives would produce the invoices and receipts being requested by the Antwi-Nsiah led regime to resolve the accounting and handover issues.