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Dawn , contracted Malaria in Ghana and lost all limbs!

Sankofa:Dawn Dubsky’s remarkable life (Video and Pictures)..lost both limbs to Malaria Infection!!!

Published on Mar 17, 2012
On February 23, 2008, just five days after returning from a trip to Ghana, Africa, Dawn Dubsky, of Chicago, was a nurse at Children’s Hospital when she contracted malaria during a trip. The disease overran her body, causing blood clots and shutting down her organs. Doctors gave her medication that kept blood flowing to her heart, lungs, liver and brain, but the lack of oxygen reaching her extremities provoked a catastrophic result: All four of her limbs had to be amputated.

Dawn have started a non-profit after her trip to Ghana in 2008, titled America Against Malaria (AAM). She is the CEO. Dawn is a nurse at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago and obtaining a PhD from UIC in nursing. Dawn have raised funds via the internet through acquaintances and would like to send a friend to Ghana to assist in educating children about malaria and teach malaria prevention using the funds she has obtained through AAM. Dawn would like to engage and develop relationships with Ghanaians’ in Chicago to brainstorm this venture and collaborate in the future. For information call Dawn Dubsky at 773-640-1347.

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