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Ghana@58 …….Chicago

Only a few days away, exactly March 7 2015 , the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago (GNC) will host Ghanaians and friends of Ghana at the “Dorchester”, 1515 East 154th street, Dolton IL 60419. The event is not ordinary, it’s the Historic Independence Anniversary celebrations of Ghana! On March 6, 1957, Ghana became the first African country, south of the Sahara to break the yokes of colonial rule in Africa. Ghana, thus, became the “Mecca” of not only African liberation movements but also galvanized the civil rights movement in the USA. Yes, the late Dr. Martin Luther King was there in Ghana and returned with new ideas to organize our people here in the USA! It is in this vein that Ghanaians home and abroad celebrate Ghana’s independence with pride and reverence. Indeed as Ghana celebrates 58 years of Nation building and unity, many nations have disintegrated as we journey along in unity for 58 years. Others are on the verge of disintegrating whilst turmoil and anarchy has engrossed some of our neighbors and friends afar. It is, therefore, appropriate that the GNC, members of the Ghanaian community especially, Africans in the diaspora and friends of Africans celebrate Ghana’s day of Nationhood and the pace setting role it plays to Africans’ home and abroad with nostalgia.

The GNC has lined up an enticing program that one cannot afford to miss. It is expected to be a talking point through-out the year. The “Dorchester” is going to be turned into a luxury hotel type Banquet Hall. D.J Bonsu , one of the best and seasoned Ghanaian D.J’s in the diaspora will mount his tools and dish out the best music in his arsenal to the enjoyment of the expected large guests. Antwi/Antwi, Moe and SLV, , are seasoned Ghanaian and Nigerian artists scheduled to perform at the event. Chef Kojo , of P.K Restaurant and well known Ghanaian for scintillating the palates with his choice of menu, is especially employed to cater for the guests! Please come one come all, the doors will be opened at 8.00 pm prompt.

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