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The ‘magic’ of beads

Source: Linda Abrefi Wadie | GhanaWeb

For many African women, wearing beads is a way of life and a culture passed on to them from their mothers. They grow up to find them on their waists even before they begin to question its significance.

In Africa, beads are the most important and admirable accessory worn by women underneath their clothing. Besides, beads made of different colours are normally worn by women from time of birth till their old age.

As a matter of fact, grandmothers didn’t wear infants beads for nothing. It defines and shapes the body to look more beautiful, perhaps without it, you will be missing something.

The waist bead is like a band worn around the waist. In most cultures, they are a symbol of a woman’s confidence in her body and sexuality. In West Africa, waist beads have several names; Jel-Jelli, Jigeda, Giri-Giri, Djalay Djalay, Toma or Yomba and they are always worn under clothing.

Beads found in Ghana include glass beads, stone beads, crystal beads, ceramic beads, Adinkra beads, and the “Ahoofe” (beauty) beads. The tradition of wearing of beads around the waist in West Africa was made popular by the Yorubas in Nigeria.

Women are the main users of these beads. Some people use it to watch their weight as when it gets tight on them they will know that they are putting on weight.

Beads on the hips shape the hips by making the waist appear slimmer and bringing out the bum-bum. Women wear beads of any given length around their waists.

Ghanaians believe by wearing waist beads, the belly does not grow fat; instead the hips, butts, and legs.

Interestingly, it is also believed that men love to see waist beads around their women especially during sexual intercourse.

Some ladies do not like beads because they feel uncomfortable especially when it is exposed through their outfits.

Click on ‘Photos’ to see some beautiful waist beads for your consideration if you are a fan of it.

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