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Full text: 2015 State of the Nation Address and Pictures

Source: flagstaffhouse communications
President John Mahama on Thursday presented his State of the Nation Address in Parliament, where he promised to ‘fix the energy crisis’ and transform the Electricity Company of Ghana among others. Delivering his third State of the Nation Address on Thursday, President Mahama said, “the agenda to transform the structure of the economy and position it as an export driven rather than an import focused economy is on course. United as one people and with a determined commitment to its attainment, we shall transform the structure of this economy,” Mr. Mahama said

President John Dramani Mahama explained that the vision to transform the structure of the Ghanaian economy is transformation through diversification, value addition to primary products, the promotion and patronage of locally manufactured goods and services.
mahama parliament-087

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mahama parliament-078

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mahama parliament-073

mahama parliament-072

mahama parliament-071

mahama parliament-070

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mahama parliament-068

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mahama parliament-066

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mahama parliament-061

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mahama parliament-047

mahama parliament-046

mahama parliament-045

mahama parliament-044

mahama parliament-043

mahama parliament-042

mahama parliament-041

mahama parliament-040

mahama parliament-039

mahama parliament-038

mahama parliament-037

mahama parliament-036

mahama parliament-035

mahama parliament-034

mahama parliament-033

mahama parliament-032

mahama parliament-031

mahama parliament-030

mahama parliament-029

mahama parliament-028

mahama parliament-027

mahama parliament-026

mahama parliament-025

mahama parliament-024

mahama parliament-023

mahama parliament-022

mahama parliament-021

mahama parliament-019

mahama parliament-018

mahama parliament-017

mahama parliament-016

mahama parliament-015

mahama parliament-014

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mahama parliament-010

mahama parliament-009

mahama parliament-008

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mahama parliament-001

mahama parliament

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