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Peace Council moves to resolve “discrimination” against Muslim students

The National Peace Council says it has set up a Committee to investigate reports that Muslim students are compelled to perform Christian rituals by some school authorities in the country.

The move comes on the back of Friday’s demonstration by Muslims in the Western region over what they say is the discrimination against their students in schools.

According to them, Muslim students attending Christian schools, for example, are forced by school authorities to attend church service on Sundays.

They question why Muslim students are not allowed to attend Friday Prayers or gather together to worship just as their Christian colleagues are given the chance to.

Additionally, the Muslim community says its members are discriminated against in state institutions just because they practice Islam.

Commenting on the development on Starr Today on Starr 103.5fm Friday, the Chairman of the Peace Council, Right Reverend Emmanuel Asante said the matter is being dealt with expeditiously.

“We met the Muslim caucus in parliament over the matter two days ago and we have established a committee to look into the matter and bring their recommendations by the end of the month.

“I’m urging our Muslim colleagues to exercise caution so as not to destroy the peace we have in this country.

“We received the complaints just two days ago and we are not sitting on it at all. We are engaging all stakeholders in order to resolve the matter immediately,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the Chief Imam has in a statement urged Muslims in the country to exercise restraint as the matter is resolved by the appropriate authorities.


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