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Community Announcement-From Ald. Will Burns

Dear Friends,
In the aftermath of last week’s snow storm, I worked with the Commander of the 2nd District Chicago Police and the Department of Revenue to establish a parking allowance for cars parked in the inner-lane along Drexel Boulevard.

They permitted a 72-96 hour window for cars to park in the inner-lane so that snow-removal vehicles could clear more snow up and down Drexel.

Please be advised: that grace period has ended.

Regular parking restrictions will now be enforced, and cars that remain in the inner-lane of Drexel Boulevard will be ticketed and/or towed accordingly.

If your car or your neighbors’ cars are parked in the inner-lane, they will be ticketed and/or towed, so please take whatever measures necessary to have them moved immediately.

Thank you,

Ald. Will Burns
Fourth Ward, Chicago

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