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A two Day Intercession for Nigeria Prayer Service in NY

Bronx, NY

During the New Year’s eve powerful all white service ushering in the new year; 2015, many detailed prophesies revealed by the Prophet Eric Kofi Owusu, shook the congregation.

Among the prophesies given by the Overseer of the New York based Holy Fire Dynamic Word International Church on December 31st was one centered on the country; Nigeria. “The Lord had revealed to me about many black vultures flying all over Nigeria and the person on the throne called Jonathan had been attacked. He is married to a woman called; Patience but God eventually re-installed him on the throne and the attack was never successful. There will be many bloodshed. If Nigeria falls, it affects Ghana as well as the whole continent of Africa. Only prayer will change it”.

As we know already there are crisis going on in Nigeria as well as many stories emerging on the upcoming election. A prayer by all will overturn the outcome.

On January; 25th, during a prayer service, the prophet held the Nigerian flag and requested the congregation to join him to pray for the country. He announced that the church has also planned a two day program dubbed; “Intercession for Nigeria”.

The church has declared; 2 days of fasting and prayers for Nigeria from on January 29th, Thursday – 6:30PM-8.30PM and 30th, Friday; 9:30pm – 2AM

Let us all come together and pray for Nigeria.

The venue – Holy Fire Dynamic Word Int’l church, 1111 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx NY 10460.



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