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Mahama graces children’s party in Bole

President John Mahama has graced a Christmas party organised for children in his hometown, Bole, in the Northern region, where he is celebrating Christmas.

Accompanied by his wife, Lordina, and their children, the President is spending both Christmas and Boxing Day with his kinsmen and town folks.

Meanwhile, he (Mahama) has urged drivers to be disciplined on the road during the festive season. In his Christmas message, the President advised drivers to observe all traffic regulations to safeguard life.

“Fellow Ghanaians, we record a high number of road traffic accidents during festive seasons. Vehicular accidents cause injuries to drivers, passengers and other road users.

“Sometimes not only are people maimed but also precious lives are lost. Not to talk of the damage to goods and vehicles among others, causing pain and distress to loved ones, family and friends.

“The causes of these road traffic accidents include speeding, overloading, wrongful overtaking, driving and texting, drunk-driving and disregard for road traffic regulations.

“Your loved ones, family, friends and I need you alive. Be disciplined on the road by respecting other road users. Put a smile on the faces of your loved ones and family by getting to your destination safely,” the President said.

Source : Ghana/ FM

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