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President Mahama to cancel pilgrimage to Israel if……

Accra March 2013:

Mahama in a prayer session with the pastors @ the Flagstaff House..March 20 2013

President Mahama in a prayer session with the pastors @ the Flagstaff House. .March 20 2013

On his facebook wall posting today, the President John Mahama, interacted with the leadership of the Christian Community, with a call on them to continue to pray for a peaceful nation.

In a meeting ahead of the National Thanksgiving Service planned for April 07, Presi…dent Mahama said government is well on course to solve the current power and water challenges facing the country.
According to him, Ghana’s description as an oasis of peace on the African continent is because its people as well as the clergy continue to intercede for the nation.
Touching on reports of an alleged government arranged trip to Israel for two hundred Christians; the President said his administration is not sponsoring any such trip financially. He explained that government is only facilitating the trip through sponsorship secured for two hundred pastors.
“This is not financed by  government, it is private sector organisations that say ‘we will be able  to sponsor this’, and so government is playing only a facilitative  role.

“Unfortunately, the whole intent has been misunderstood and  it has created some negative circumstances under which various church  groups are writing and saying we don’t want to participate. We respect  the various organisations but I wanted to clarify that it is not from  government purse, it is from private sponsorship.”

The President told the clergy to let him know if government should go on with its organization or they should abort it.

“We  will take what you want; if we should abandon it we will just tell the  private sponsors that unfortunately the church groups are not interested  in participating.”

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev. Professor Emmanuel Martey prayed that God should grant the President wisdom to apply the knowledge granted him over the years so that freedom and justice will prevail over mother Ghana. He also asked that continues to grant the President humility so that he will be true to his words.


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