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Nkonya-Alavanyo violence: Chief demands swift gov’t intervention or

An Alavanyo chief, Togbui Gyekye Atakora, is calling for a swift government intervention to prevent the possible escalation of violence in the area.
His comments come shortly after a gun attack on some residents in Alavanyo, which led to the death of one person and an injury to another.
The two were said to be heading to their farms when the gun attack occurred.
It is not clear yet the motive for the attack or who is behind it.
The Military and Police have besieged the area in a desperate attempt to maintain peace, law and order.
There has been a protracted land dispute between Alavanyo and Nkonya residents- a dispute which has claimed dozens of lives and damaged properties worth several millions of cedis.
Tobgui Atakora suspects Friday’s killing was perpetrated by a rival ethnic group in Nkonya, as part of the longstanding battle between the two groups.
He told Joy News’ Francis Abban, government must intervene to have the matter resolved.
According to him, the Nkonya side pulled out of an arbitration process between the sides and have resorted to violence.
“Enough is enough,” he stated, adding for how long would Alavanyo residents suffer attacks from rival factions.
“Somebody must tell somebody that in the civilised world” this is not the way to handle issues he stated.
He said he has evidence, a tape recording, in which Nkonya residents are threatening to shoot and kill Alavanyo residents if they go step foot on the disputed land.
Togbui Atakora said he has had to restrain the youth from retaliating but wondered how long would he be able to do so.
Meanwhile, Police say they have sent officers to secure the area and maintain calm.

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