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Anita De Souza not qualified for NADMO job – Kofi Portuphy asserts

Source: Ghana/ Gyasiwaa

Who appointed her? Who vetted her? Why is Kofi crying foul now ? Incompetent or not is she not supposed to be paid? … !!!!!

Deputy Minister of NADMO Anita Desooso

Deputy Minister of NADMO , Anita De Souza

The National Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), Kofi Portuphy says his deputy, who is also the National Women’s Organizer of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) is not “qualified for the job”.

According to him, apart from “distributing relief items” , Anita De Souza has no knowledge or expertise in disaster management.

“At NADMO we work on nuclear, geological and man-made disasters and Anita has no knowledge about these” he added.

Mr. Portuphy was reacting to some allegations leveled against him by the NDC Women’s Organizer.

, Anita De Souza, who was peeved about what she says is the non fulfillment of her condition of service, accused Kofi Portuphy of running a one-man show.

In a petition to the Chief of Staff, Ms. De Souza said since her appointment in February, 2014, she has not received her “basic salary”.

She is also demanding “the immediate composition of the NADMO governing Board to ensure a harmonious working relationship”.

But in a rebuttal, Kofi Portuphy on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Thursday described the claims as “frivolous empty allegations meant to get me out of office”.

He said Ms. De Souza as deputy in charge of special duties has not done any work for which she should be paid.

“Anita De Souza wants to create a national disaster in this country; this is complete lawlessness and indiscipline” he exclaimed

The NADMO boss could not fathom why Ms. De Souza will turn her guns at him when in fact he “made sure she is provided an office to be able to work comfortably”.

“I’m surprised at her conduct; how can we pay you for no work done? She is just an enemy of progress” he stressed.

Kofi Portuphy said he is unfazed about the machinations but will remain focus to ensure the Better Ghana Agenda is fulfilled.

When reached for her side of the story, Anita De Souza accused Mr. Poturphy of leaking her petition to the media.

She however failed to comment on the matter because “Portuphy is my boss and I can’t speak ill of him.”

Anita De Souza said as an appointee of the President “I am accountable to him so I will respond to the issues when I’m summoned”.

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