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An Open Letter to President Mahama; Merge Police, Prisons and Fire Service

Dear Sir,
Letter to the President of Republic of Ghana
(Merger of Police, Prisons and Fire Services)

Mr. President, I am writing you this letter all in the spirit of contributing my quota towards achieving the Better Ghana Agenda.

Mr. President you will agree with me that for us to achieve the better Ghana Agenda, all institutions must work harder; performing their statutory mandate individually and collectively. However, some of these institutions are under performing and in some cases are only duplicating already done processes.

Today, I want you to take a closer look at the activities of the Ghana Police Service, the Ghana Prison Service and the Ghana Fire Service. In my opinion this services as they stand individually now are underperforming and duplicating efforts and need to be merged under one umbrella and to be called THE GHANA POLICE FORCE, with the departments of Prisons and Fire.

I have heard several Interior Ministers talk of insufficiency of men and women our Police Service and that Ghana is in deficit in terms of Police Citizen Ration and the level of crime and it is true, however this deficit could be made up from the Prisons and Fire Services.

Mr. President I can tell you with confidence that there are more men and women in the Prisons and Fire Services who are being under utilized to the disadvantage of our Police men and women.

Mr. President, I have been following this for over five years and I tell you, merging the these three services will bring a better result than as it stand now and we can have a great Force Police and more useful departments of Prison and Fire.

Mr. President, when these is done, there will be:

EFFECTIVE POLICING-More men and women will be deployed to various areas leading to better community connection where people will be ready to give information leading to the men and women of the Police Force, leading to early prevention of crime and better control.

BETTER FIRE DETECTING AND EARLY CONTROL OR FIGHTING – As more personnel are deployed to various areas, it would become very easy for personnel to give better direction to others if there is a sign of fire outbreak leading to early fire control.

REDUCTION IN CRIME AND CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES- It will be very easy for the personnel from the Police Force to identify criminal especially ex-convicts who may be planning other crimes.

COST REDUCTION-We will spend our money and other resources on frontline workers not on unnecessary duplication and there also reduction in administrative cost.

Better co-operation and co-ordination.

The same reward for all.

Mr. President I am always available to defend this and am also calling for National debate on this. Please take serious look at this. We all want Ghana to become better in free of crime environment, long live Mr. President and long live Ghana

Yours faithfully,

K.W. King-Kwame

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