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Paul Kagame: Daughter’s photo becomes talking point

Ange Kagame causes extreme buzz on social media, especially among African youth as soon as a photo of she and her dad alongside the Obamas during the U.S- Africa Summit got uploaded. 

Almost all African leaders that were invited for the summit went with their wives or First Ladies. 

However, in the case of Rwandan President it was his tall and beautiful daughter who accompanied him. 

All African leaders present at the summit and their wives took turns to do a photoshoot with the Obamas. 

When it reached the turn of Rwandan President Paul Kagame to take his shots with the Obamas during the photo session at the US-Africa Summit in U.S, he stepped out accompanied by her tall and beautiful daughter, Ange Kagame and she left many in awe. 

Ange’s photo alongside her dad and the Obama’s left many, especially in Africa discussing her height, beauty and curvaceous figure in excitement. Many said she could easily pass for a super model; that’s on the contrary. 

The 25 year old is the first daughter of Paul Kagame. She completed her education abroad and was absent from the public eye for most of her childhood due to security and privacy reasons. 

During her years in school and college, her friends knew her as a considerate and amiable person who excelled in academics. Though away from home, she used to closely follow the happenings in Rwanda through the media.

As President Kagame’s daughter, Ange had spent most of her childhood, shielded from the public eye, however, since 2010; she has taken a keen interest in Charitable Work and Social Welfare. 

Along with her mother Jeannette, she has participated in various charitable organizations across the length and breadth of Rwanda and Africa. Ange Kagame is also a strong cavalier for the immunization of Rwanda and Africa from various fatal diseases.

Most recently, she took the initiative along with her mother for a countrywide vaccination drive in Rwanda. 

Ange Kagame is a patron of various charitable and welfare organizations and in recent years has become a prolific advocate to champion women empowerment, disease immunization campaigns, education and eradication of poverty; among other key issues. 

The mother-daughter duo hosted a charity ball in Kigali in April, 2012. The event was aimed at raising funds for a variety of welfare causes.

Ange’s father is the sixth and current President of the Republic of Rwanda and the leader of Rwanda’s majority party the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF). 

Source:|Patrick Teye Dasinor