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President Mahama and his Chief of Staff, Prosper Bani,

Accept the US Embassy’s Tweet As an Advice

Source: Kofi Nsia-Pepra
A US based political science professor, Kofi Nsia-Perpa, has advised president Mahama to stop the political gimmicks about the US tweet and take bold decisions to end the misery of Ghanaians. Prof. Nsia-Pepra said “the US tweet is a clarion manifestation of the frustrations of suffering Ghanaians and our international stakeholders about bad governance in Ghana.” The truth is, suffering Ghanaians are conscious of their misery as a consequence of corrupt and inept leadership.” No amount of political gimmicks such as demands for public apology and puppet and rented public demonstrations can deny the fact that Ghanaians today face serious social and economic crises.”

Nsia-Pepra, an expert in international relations, good governance , international human rights law and conflict resolution said, Ghanaians are despondent and have lost trust in Mahama’s governance because “we are witnesses to the loot by the privileged few in power and their relations whiles the lumping majority poor live in abject poverty and social demise.” “The truth is Ghana has been bedeviled with leadership dishonesty and paralysis for far too long. Enough is enough and the earlier we end poor governance and official corruption the better. The recent strikes are signals of the anger of the people and potential explosion. Do not take the people for granted Mr. President because an implosion would be difficult to manage.”
Professor Nsia-Pepra, a former Air Force Officer, advised President Mahama, to sit up and take the necessary bold decisions to emancipate suffering Ghanaians from their social, political and economic doldrums.” He said “I challenge you to take bold steps to punish those involved in corruption starting with your government and party in order to gain the trust of the majority poor.”
“Ghana today needs incorruptible, transparent and visionary leadership and Ghanaians have onerous responsibility to fight for accountable leadership” he said. He cautioned individual members of the civil society against manipulations by the government to divide their front with gifts such as the cars to the Chiefs. He advised Ghanaians to “persistently focus on the collective interests of sustainable social, economic and political development and justice for all Ghanaians.” He is very optimistic that Ghana will be a better place if we eschew individual greed for the sake of the common good.Source: 
Kofi Nsia-Pepra