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Shatta Wale Storming the USA!

Shatta Wale and his group leaves Ghana on Monday July 21 and arrives the following day in the USA . Shatta’s Promoters in New York just confirmed that Shatta Wale will feature at Chicago’s Ghanafest

Following the announcement of Shatta Wale’s tour of the USA and a possible appearance at Chicago’s Ghanafest, conducted an interview with his manager, Bull Dog, today July 18 2014. We bring to you the full interview.

Ghanaweb: Congratulations on winning the 2014 Reggae/Dancehall Song of the Year , the Vodafone Song of the Year and Artiste of the Year Awards.

Bull Dog: Thank you. What are the challenges and benefits of winning?

Bull Dog: Initially it feels uncomfortable because it put us on the spot light! As time goes it motivates us to work harder. It’s a wakeup call for a young career such as Shatta’s.

Ghanaweb: Any other awards in your spectrum of dreams? Bull Dog: We are looking into Africa and the Caribbean laurels at this point. As an artist you always aim high, work hard towards it and hopefully you achieve your dreams.

Ghanaweb: What else?

Bull Dog: We are working on music videos such as Party all Night and collaborating with other top artists in Africa and the Caribbean. Any message for your fans in the USA?

Bull Dog: We thank our fans dearly. We are where we are today because of their wonderful support over the years. We ask for their continued support. Ghanaweb: Any surprises in Chicago?

Bull Dog: Our camp is always full of surprises and Chicago would be no exception. Just wait and see! After we are done with Chicago, they will be calling us back! Who is Shatta’s favorite Musician? It’s hard to tell. He listens to a lot of great artists like legend Bob Marley, CJ Lewis and other stars like Shabba Ranks and Shaggy.

What advice would you give future musicians?

Bull Dog: They should work hard and should not worry about what people say about their performance. There is no substitute to hard work.

Ghanaweb: Most of our female visitors want to know if Shatta is married.

Bull Dog: He is so much into his profession he has not yet considered the issue of marrying yet but there is always the chance of someone catching his attention and heart sooner!

Ghanaweb: Ladies there you go!

Ghanaweb:What is your schedule in the USA?

Bull Dog:I don’t have the schedule with me but we are leaving Ghana next week and our first performance is on July 25th in Atlanta. After that we will be in Chicago the following day. After Chicago, New York, Maryland and Los Angeles are next. Talk to our agents in the USA to confirm the dates for these venues. ( Ghanaweb’s attempt to talk to the local agents, BOOGIE DOWN NIMA, INC. all day was unsuccessful) So it means Bull Dog is also coming on this tour.

Bull Dog: Yes of course, I will be with Shatta as Usual.

Ghanaweb: Thank you for your time.

Bull Dog: Thank you and see you soon in Chicago.