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We want accountability; not apology – Ghanaians tell Afriyie-Ankrah

Source: The Informer
It goes without saying that when one does wrong, it is only proper that an appropriate apology is rendered in earnest.

However, in the case of Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah, the just-demoted Sports Minister, there is no way his lifeless apology on his return to the country from Brazil will stop the nation from asking him to account for every pesewa of the taxpayers money that he and his team willfully and deliberately misused in the name of Ghana’s participation at the World Cup.

Whether it is a paid Public Relations stunt, or he indeed granted the said interview as reported in The Ghanaians Times of Saturday, July 05, 2014, in which Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah is said to have “apologized” to the President and the people of Ghana for his personal involvement in letting the nation down in Brazil.

Realizing that Ghanaians are baying for his blood, Elvis may have chosen to shed crocodile tears in order to fool right-thinking and discerning sons and daughters of the Land.

If the now-disgraced and demoted Sports Minister is hoping his PR stunt will soothe the ever-raging anger of Ghanaians, then he must really be a joker.

Surely, there is no way the Ghanaian taxpayer is going to allow Elvis and his ilk, including his brother, Yaw Ampofo Ankrah, to get away with the gross abuse and misuse of State funds.

“Elvis must quickly seek psychiatric treatment if possible, for deceiving himself into believing that he will be allowed to go scot-free”; an accomplished sports journalist told The Informer.

“If President Mahama is prepared to shield Elvis and co, the rest of us are not prepared to shield them,” the sports journalist said.

Similarly, a section of Ghanaians who spoke to The Informer are demanding immediate accountability from the demoted Youth and Sports Minister; asking him not to bother their ears with his so-called apology.

According to them, Elvis must spare them with his lifeless and polluted apology and account for every pesewa received for the Brazil World Cup.

“Accountability is what we want; not apology, when it has become abundantly clear that huge funds were misused by Elvis and co, at the World Cup,” they stated

“It is annoying to hear Elvis talk about apology when from day one he had shown that he was in to rip-off the state of huge sums of money in the name of the World Cup,” they angrily added.

Surely, Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah is in deep trouble and must brace up for the heady days ahead as he faces the Sanhedrin.

The Informer, pregnant with a lot of credible information, will like to advise the NDC Youth in the Volta Region, Ho to be precise, not to succumb to the manipulation of any selfish and demoted appointee of government to deceive them into demonstrating against the President.