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Dan Ryan Road Rage? Man Charged With Firing Nine Shots Held Without Bail

By Erin Meyer on June 24, 2014 4:39pm  /

COOK COUNTY CRIMINAL COURTHOUSE — A man charged with opening fire on the Dan Ryan Expressway might have been provoked in a case of road rage between him and another driver, an attorney said Tuesday — but a judge ordered him held on no bond.

Dantrell Fuller, 21, of the 1600 block of East 74th Street, was ordered held without bail during a brief court appearance Tuesday, when a Cook County judge called the accusations anything but a typical road rage incident.

“This happened on the Dan Ryan,” said Judge Peggy Chiampas. “He led police on a chase and fired nine times. No bail.”

Fuller was driving a gold Infiniti south on the Dan Ryan near 79th Street on Monday night, according to prosecutors. He and another driver, the victim in the case, made eye contact.

A few moments later, the victim ducked down in his seat when he saw Fuller pointing a gun in his direction, prosecutors said. Fuller fired the gun as many as nine times, striking the victim’s car with three shots.

The victim crashed his car while trying to get away, and Fuller fled, prosecutors said. He exited the expressway at 86th Street heading east, prosecutors said. With police closing in behind him, Fuller allegedly tossed a 9 millimeter semi automatic weapon out of the car window. The gun had one remaining live round, officials said.

He struck a parked car and he then tried to flee on foot, but police caught him and arrested him for aggravated discharge of a weapon, prosecutors said.

Fuller’s lawyer, Timothy Grace, said Tuesday in court that “there’s another side of the story.” He said according to his client, the driver claiming to be the victim in this case also had a gun and provoked the shooting.

He classified the case as a “classic road-rage incident.”