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Rift In Greater Accra NDC …As Ade Coker ‘Fights’ Executives

Source: The Enquirer

There are deep cracks in the Greater Accra national Democratic Congress (NDC) as a result of Mr. Ade-Coker, the incumbent regional chairman of the party, righting his executives in a bid t retain his post in the upcoming elections.

Some regional party executives, in an interview with the Enquirer over the weekend, said that they were totally shocked by the stance taken by Mr. Ade-Coker, with respect to a press conference sanctioned by him last Wednesday, indicating that he did not know anything about the statement issued out by the conference.

Mr. Anthony Nukpenu, acting regional organizer of the party, in an interview, told the Enquirer that Mr. Ade-Coker is only distancing himself from the statement in order to save his post.

“He is fully aware of the press conference and is only doing this to save his post as chairman during congress because I even called him at 11:30am when we were about to start the press conference,” Nukpenu revealed.

He explained that they, the executives, are not happy with the tricks of Mr. Ade-Coker for distancing himself from the statement after he had sanctioned it to be carried out.

“We don’t want to attack the issues in public and that we will deal with it in our next executives meeting,” he added.

Stating his position on the matter, Mr. Nukpenu denied ever using the words “neglect and sidelines” and that they were the words of the editor of Citi News, but he rather called for collaboration between government and the party.

In additional files obtained by The Enquirer, Citi News reported that Greater Accra Regional Executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have accused government of neglecting the rank and file of the party.

“According to the executives, government officials have in most cases sidelined members of the ruling party in the activities of government, leading to a gradual apathy among the supporters of the NDC,” the report stated.

“Speaking to Citi News, the Greater Accra Regional Organizer of the NDC, Anthony Nukpunu, said the situation if not checked might affect the party in the 2016 elections.

“According to him, government should ensure it satisfies members of the party, saying, “you must make sure the needs and wants of people who work tirelessly for the victory of the party are satisfied in a particular programme that you send to that area so that at the end of the day, you don’t stop on toes.”

“What we see is that programmes are run in our regions and we end up stepping on so many toes of the very people who work tirelessly for the party,” Nukpenu was quoted to have added.

However, in a swift reaction to save his post as the Greater Accra Regional Chairman during congress, Mr. Ade Coker, denied the accusation that government has neglected supporters and members of the party across the region.

Mr. Coker on Eyewitness News last Thursday indicated he ordered the regional organizer of the party to prevent the press conference, in which these allegations were made, from taking place.

“The press conference was not supposed to have taken place I instructed my organize to call off the press conference,” he told the radio station.

He claimed that he was not present at the press conference because it was not sanctioned to take place and therefore had served notice that at the party’s next general meeting, the matter would be duly addressed.

The regional NDC chairman maintained that “the party in the region hasn’t issued any statement on this matter and the party will address the situation at the appropriate time.”

Meanwhile, some executives of the party have vowed that Ade-Coker would surely be shown the red card during congress since he has lost touch with the party faithful.