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P.V Obeng

P.V. Obeng’s death exposes the hypocrisy of Ghanaians – Pratt

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Kwesi Pratt..

Kwesi Pratt..

The death of former Senior Presidential Advisor to President Mahama, Mr. Paul Victor Obeng, has exposed a national hypocrisy which needs to be addressed, says Kwesi Pratt Junior.

The Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper believes it is time the country celebrated patriotic citizens whilst they live.

“For me, the distinguishing thing about Mr. P.V. Obeng’s death is the extent to which it exposes the hypocrisy of all of us…we were all in this country when allegations of corruption were made against Mr. P.V. Obeng. Those allegations were referred to the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice under the distinguished leadership of one of the best juries this country has ever had…and I refer to Mr. Justice Emile short.”

“…After diligently investigating the allegations, CHRAJ did come up with a verdict that Mr. P.V. Obeng had done nothing wrong. Interestingly, his own government decided that the report of CHRAJ on Mr. P.V. Obeng should not be accepted and the matter was again referred to CHRAJ for further investigations,” he lamented.

Mr. Kwesi Pratt insists some persons paying tributes to the late Mr. P.V. Obeng hated him when he was alive.

“Some of those paying glowing tributes to the memory of Mr. Paul Victor Obeng hated him to the marrow and wanted to see him suffer. P.V. Obeng suffered in life especially in the hands of his own party members,” he bewailed.

He also acknowledged that the death of Mr. P.V. Obeng came as a shock to him, alluding to the fact that the late statesman was instrumental in the organization of the National Economic Forum at Akosombo.

Mr. Pratt is, therefore, entreating all and sundry to emulate the patriotic and selfless nature of Mr. P.V. Obeng for the forward march of the country.

The Insight Managing Editor was speaking on Radio Gold’s current affairs programme, Alhaji and Alhaji with Alhassan Suhuyini, Saturday.