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K.B Asante Bemoans Utility Rationing In Ghana

K.B. Asante has challenged President John Mahama to come up with answers to resolving the water and power crisis rocking the country.

His call re-echoes the frustrations some Ghanaians have been expressing about the crisis and its adverse impact on them.

The Ghana Water Company is rationing water in some parts of Accra due to malfunctioning filters at its Weija Dam, and the Electricity Company of Ghana is also shedding load as a result of shortfall in the supply of power. Both organizations have pointed the need for more funding to improve their operations.

However Mr Asante says it is time the President offers clear a indications on how his administration is resolving the crisis.

Speaking on Adom FM on Tuesday, Mr Asante demanded that the president must “tell us how we can get out of these unnecessary hardships we are having”.

“Those who have money can buy generator and so on. But even they pollute the atmosphere unnecessarily. They are [also] expensive. And when industry uses generators where they can use cheap electricity, we pay the price.”

The statesman cum retired diplomat is also advocating that consumers pay proper price for utilities; which he believes would guarantee constant supply of the commodities – water and electricity.

“It is better for us to pay a proper water bill so that water is maintained. We get water in our houses every day. Water is so important… In my view there is no reason why we shouldn’t have electricity supply all the time. It may be more expensive, but let us pay the proper price so that we have electricity. And not this on and off business; it is ridiculous.”

He also attributed the prevailing situation to lack of planning by those in leadership positions.

“This is a problem facing the nation, lack of planning. And you may call it lack of leadership, not necessarily that of the president but those in key positions, and if they don’t do their work the president should see that they go. We are suffering unnecessarily.”

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