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Fire rips through Accra psychiatric hospital



Some operations of the Accra Psychiatric hospital will be grounded following Sunday’s fire disaster that ripped through the facility.

The fire destroyed cash, computers, copiers, clothing as well as folders of staff and patients. Items destroyed run into thousands of Cedis.

The intervention of officials of the Fire and Police Services prevented the fire from spreading to other parts of the hospital.

Deputy Director of Nursing at the Hospital Nsiah Anyetei told XYZ News that fire broke out around 10 in the evening.

“It was a distressing situation,” he said, adding that: “When I got here, the Police, the fire service, the Director himself and the staff were around and the fire service had done their work well and the fire was off.”

Mr Anytei said they still can’t tell what caused the fire. The facility houses scores of mental patients. It is also a major referral point.

The Hospital is responsible for the treatment, welfare, training and rehabilitation of the mentally ill.

The University Of Ghana Medical School has a faculty established in the hospital for undergraduate training in psychiatry and postgraduate training under the West African College of psychiatrists (WACP). The hospital thus has a symbiotic relationship with the medical school.

Nurses from all over the country are affiliated to this hospital for 6-month proficiency training in psychiatry.