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Have Scientists Discovered the ‘Magic Bullet’ for Healthy Weight Loss?

It’s the most ingenious health and weight loss idea of the decade… and makes so much sense dieters are wondering why somebody hadn’t thought of it before…

(Boston) – With all the controversy surrounding today’s most popular diets, it’s no wonder more and more consumers are looking for safer, healthier, ‘enjoyable’ alternatives.

The growing number of these health conscious consumers has paved the way for new, innovative ways we think about our health – specifically, our weight.

The Breakthrough That Has the Industry Buzzing

New research has uncovered something surprising: emerging science suggests that combining lactospore, a resilient probiotic strain, with a fat burning component can help improve digestive health and promote healthy weight loss – smart.

Better still, an innovative supplement company from Boston has used the research to develop something called ProbioSlim. It combines weight loss and digestive health in one pill… just like the research says. But they went one better… adding an incredible energy kick to help fight cravings and overcome diet fatigue and failure.

It’s beginning to get attention from more health-conscious consumers — many are experiencing real weight loss, along with less gas and bloating.

Despite early success, ProbioSlim has had its hurdles. As a result of being one of the only probiotic weight management options available to consumers, keeping up with demand has been an issue.

Since ProbioSlim’s launch, it has quickly moved up to be the #1 selling product at, the highly regarded online vitamin superstore. They are running into their own inventory problems due to high demand for ProbioSlim. “We just don’t know how much to order” says Nancy Sturgiss, category manager at “Every time we think we purchase enough, we’re quickly proven wrong and go out of stock.”

Probioslim will be available in most GNC stores by April, 2014. But, if you want to try it now, the researchers behind this breakthrough supplement are offering a risk-free 14-day sample of ProbioSlim so you can try it before it hits the shelves. Due to high demand, this may be your best chance to get your hands on ProbioSlim, but even here, supplies are limited. If you are interested in trying ProbioSlim and seeing first-hand how weight loss and digestive health can be addressed with one supplement, click here to request your free sample.