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Cuban Drug to Heal European Diabetic Feet

HAVANA, Cuba, March 5 (acn) Cuba is trying to take its diabetic foot ulcer drug known as Heberprot-P into the European Market, a product based on the human growth factor currently being administered in some 20 countries, mostly in Latin America.


According to the marketing director of the Havana-based Genetic Engineer and Biotechnology Center, Ernesto Lopez, the pre-clinical stage of the product, known in Europe as Epipropt, was carried out with good toxicological and safety results.


Spain with an estimate 40 thousand patients needing the Cuban drug, tests were carried out with no negative toxic results. The product has being developed in the Vasque Country since 2012 for research studies in other European nations.

According to studies, amputation of lower limbs were reduced by four folds, while the surgical procedure in Europe currently costs over 50 thousand Euros, and treatment of the condition is charge with some 20 thousand Euros.


It is precisely the amputation of lower limbs a direct consequence of diabetic foot ulcer that the Cuban medication avoids with a period of treatment of only six to seven months.

Along with the therapeutic action on serious ulcers, the treatment bears a preventive nature in countries like Cuba, Venezuela, and Ecuador.