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Alexis Martin

Meet one of the youngest geniuses in the world


This little girl may only be three years old, but she’s probably smarter than pretty much anyone you know.

Alexis Martin is one of the youngest geniuses in the world. She’s already a member of Mensa — the genius society –- and currently stands as the youngest person in the Arizona Mensa chapter.

Tests show her I.Q. is above 160, whereas the average person’s I.Q. is 100.

Her parents found out how crazy smart she was at an early age: ‘From 12 to 18 months or so, we’d be driving around in the car and she would recite her bedtime story from the night before. We are talking 20 to 25 page books, and she would recite them from the night before. But not just recite them, recite them exactly,’ her dad explained.

Alexis did so well on her I.Q. test that the doctors couldn’t even calculate it.

And get this: not only does this toddler read at a fifth grade level, but she also taught herself to speak Spanish using an adult app on her parent’s iPad.

Fatima Ptacek

Fatima Ptacek

Meet the princess of New York, Fatima Ptacek, who at nine years old has appeared in over 50 national television adverts, starred opposite Catherine Zeta Jones on the big screen and commands thousands of dollars to tread the cat-walk. She counts the First Lady Michelle Obama as a pen-pal, is a certified genius, eligible to join Mensa and is able to speak fluent Spanish and is conversational in Mandarin.

Working in television, fashion and film since she was discovered aged five at an open call by a top Manhattan modeling agency, Fatima’s list of achievements extend to gymnastics, in which she is ranked 15th in New York state and has aspirations to become an Olympic standard athlete. Studying at one of New York’s Academy for Intellectually Gifted Children in Queens, Fatima manages to fit all this in during the week as well as riding jump horses for fun on a Saturday afternoon. (Photo by Barry Bland / Barcroft USA / Getty Images)

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