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Vitus Azeem

MPs have no justification for accepting the ZTE phones – GII


The Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) says Members of Ghana’s Parliament engaged in a clear case of conflict of interest by accepting the ZTE phones from the Chinese Company, ZTE.

The ZTE phones were distributed to the 275 MPs prior to the approval of a contract between the government of Ghana and ZTE Company for the acquisition of security equipment to monitor and respond to security emergencies.

Speaking on Citi FM’s Eyewitness News on Friday, the Executive Director of the GII, Vitus Azeem said: “Whether the phones influenced their decision or not, the perception by Ghanaians is that it would have influenced their decision… there was no justification in receiving those phones… what was the basis? It raises a lot of questions.”

He questioned the rationale behind the company’s decision to distribute the phones to both the Executive and the Legislators saying, “what interest did this company have in spending all this amount of money to supply these phones free of charge to Ghanaian public officials?”

He said the MPs should not have accepted the phones on any grounds because “it gives a perceived conflict of interest situation and whether it is actually perceived, it is not good for our democracy, it’s not good for the image of public officials.”

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