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Vistajet Founder Touts Ghana As Important Gateway For Aviation Business

The Founder and Chairman of the world’s leading luxury private aviation company, Vistajet, has lauded the political stability and booming market conditions in Ghana.

He noted that the phenomena were leading to faster expansion of infrastructural facilities making the country a convenient place for doing aviation business.Ghana’s economy is growing fast, infrastructure is quickly expanding and market is booming that makes it a convenient place to invest to create job opportunities, said Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman of Vistajet.He made the comment during a press briefing in Accra yesterday to announce his tour of Africa, to showcase brand new-fangled state-of-the-art aircraft dedicated for the Continent.

According to Flohr, Vistajet has placed a firm order for 56 new Bombardier global aircraft, with 86 further options with a list price value of more than 7.8 billion dollars, saying that was the single largest transaction placed with any aircraft manufacturer in the history of business aviation. Starting the tour of Africa in Accra, Flohr said the historic order by Vistaject was great news for Ghana as it would soon see brand new dedicated aircraft flying Ghanaians to all corners of the globe.

With deliveries of the order to commence in 2014, he said: “We believe such booming markets in Ghana and cross Africa deserve brand new state-of-the-art aircraft rather than aging pre-owned aircrafts they have been accustomed to receiving. ”He said Vistajet would be the first and only provider in Africa to offer brand new aircraft for its targeted customers in entrepreneurship and government officials who had to work under pressure to meet deadlines and at same time go through the hassle of rushing to catch flights.

Mr Flohr said Vistajet being time machine is uniquely positioned to provide faster, convenient and comfortable platform that allows business executives and government officials to perform their jobs under safe and stable conditions.  “Our customers need to fly point-to-point across the globe, and in many instances at short notice, whether it is direct flight from Los Angeles to Shanghai, from London to Luanda or from Kinshasa to Ulan Bator, we are seamlessly connecting our company to every corner of the world in unrivalled levels of style and safety,” said Flohr.

Mr Kola Aluka, Vistajet Ambassador for West Africa, said Africa was not a raider for old things, and that there was the need to invest in the aviation sector to protect business and government officials.

Mr Aluka said safe and reliable means of transport offers unimaginable flexibility to move business to the next level, especially with Visajet one is able to call short notice to travel and do business one’s own convenience.

Vistaject started in 2004 with one aircraft can now boost of 35 aircraft across the globe and fly 13 hours non-stop.

It has no home base and designed to serve the needs of business executives and government officials who often contend with restricted schedules of other commercial flights.

With Vistajet one can buy some number of hours in a year and call at anytime and anywhere for travel arrangement without paying extra amount.

Source: GNA

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