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Video: A new Africa is emerging – Mahama


Ghana’s President, John Dramani Mahama says a totally different Africa has been birthed.

He told CNN’s iReport during his recent visit to the United States that the ill global image held of Africa, by the West, is gradually frittering off and giving way to an Africa on the cusp of change.

“A new Africa is emerging,”Mr. Mahama told his digital interlocutors.

He observed that: “If you look across Africa, more countries are under constitutional governance, unlike before [when] military dictatorship used to reign”.

According to him, “conflicts are being resolved in Africa”.

“In West Africa, we had conflicts in Liberia and Sierra Leone [but] today those countries are living in peace”.

“…Also, we are seeing a reduction in poverty,” he pointed out.

Mr. Mahama said: “Many African countries have met the Millennium Development target of reducing poverty by half and so the old story of wars and famine and hunger, I guess, are behind us and Africans can look forward into the future with confidence”.

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